Baked Pierogi with Bacon & Green Onion

Pierogi are traditional Polish dumplings that are usually filled with potato.  My gem of a neighbor, Violet, was kind enough to bring a dish of baked pierogi over to my home a couple weeks ago. This is the most deliciously comforting meal and Vi was sweet enough to share the recipe with me! Warning, this recipe will have you wanting to lick the bowl (..and why not? Enjoy yourself!)

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Omelet Cupcakes with Hashbrown Crust!


Brunch has been around since the 1800’s.  “Le grand petit déjeuner” or “Gabelfrühstück” or just Brunch, call it what you will ~ it is one of the world’s most fabulous events.  It is the most perfect excuse to have your best friends over – and who doesn’t love a mix of their favorite breakfast and lunch foods at one sitting?  

I have a ton of wonderful, and easy brunch menu items – and I’ll share them all! 

They can all be used as a regular old breakfast or lunch dishes as well….but when combined things are just more delicious!

Let’s start with Breakfast Omelet Cupcakes with Hash Brown Crusts (and immediately you become hungry…)

{ note to chefs: I think anything in a cupcake form is more fun.. but this recipe can also be made by lining a quiche pan w the potatoes and just pouring the entire mixture on top, plan for longer baking times }  

Or... change up the ingredients to mimic your favorite omelet!  Have fun with this tasty bit of life!

Click Read More for the recipe - Bon Appetit! 

If it's FREE - It's for ME! {and YOU}

Free Samples are the new online shopping craze ~ And when you have just started off on your own, these little goodies can be life savors!!

It's quite simple:  a couple minutes to browse these sites I have provided you with... A mailing address… And the desire to receive some free samples.  Why not, right?   

Some great coupon finds too!

{just beware, short little surveys are okay …. Long endless surveys that require you to buy things, don’t bother with}


Moving out? Buy a can opener!

Let me take you back to my first cooking experience.. After months and months of avoiding the kitchen I attempted to make his favorite dish: Sausage and peppers.  So I head over to mama’s and have a recipe powwow.  She goes step by step with me and I take detailed notes.  Even better she sends me home with the ingredients I need, and a pan (since as a new homeowner, who has not yet had a bridal shower, I have NO household necessities). 

I make my way through the step, and it comes time for the can of crushed tomatoes. Now all I needed was a can opener. Do I really not own a damn can opener???  No.  I begin assaulting the can of tomatoes with a screwdriver, knives, a wine bottle opener (you see where my priorities stand), and I think I even gave it a nice crack with my teapot. This meal was taking a swan dive into Crappville and I needed to work fast if I was going to save it.  I opened the refrigerator and saw a container of bruschetta from Costco. Those are tomatoes…why wouldn’t that work instead?  By this time the damn sausage was like rubber meat, but that’s ok because I had convinced myself it would all be delicious.  I put the watery rice on a plate, my ghetto version of sausage and peppers on top – and had it ready when he walked in from work.  He was a good sport about it all, only asking what I had “done differently…?” In typical me fashion I searched for something to take my anger out on.  I saw the can of tomatoes.  It was that damn can’s fault after all, not being equipped with a pop-top!  How dare!  So I took it, walked out into the backyard and launched it over the fence into the woods. (as a hardcore tomboy disguised as a classy lady, I must admit I have a good arm, and that can.. it went’a launchin’!) I’m very much anti-littering, but this can, with its sealed top, needed to be taught a lesson.  “Are you ok?” he asked me as I closed the sliding glass door.   “Now I’m fine.”

My suggested purchases prior to moving out (the things
 less obvious than flat screens and bluray players):
  •     Can opener
  •     Corkscrew/Bottle opener
  •     Cookware set (nothing fancy, just to start you off – try Kohls!)
  •     Knife Block set
  •     Dinnerware Set (you can get 4 sets for $30!! Here)
  •     Coffeemaker (might I suggest the Keurig as a life saving device)
  •     Flateware set (HomeGoods people HomeGoods!!!
  • Glassware set (and get some wine glasses too, so you can feel classy as you sit on your mattress on the floor)
  •    A couple baking sheets
  •    Aluminum Foil  (learn to love left overs)
  •   Measuring spoons & cups
  •    Vegetable peeler
  •    Filled spice rack (try this one, 16 spices only $40)
  •    Salt & pepper mill
  •    A toaster (after burning all the bread in the oven, trying to broil it into toast, I gave in and there is now less smoke circulating through this house!)
  •     Hangers (these actually hold onto your clothing)
  •     Two sets of sheets
  •     Two sets of towels
  •     Vacuum (don’t be dirty birdies, clean your space)
  •      Flashlight & extra batteries
  •      General cleaning supplies (i.e.Fantastic,Lysol wipes, & paper towels if you want to go real basic)
  •     Scented candles and a lighter (for when you don’t use those cleaning products) try Pier1

How I Got Here...

Now things are really getting good!! 

 It has been one year since I left the comforting and always accommodating environment of my parents home, and went off with my fiancé to make a life for us.  I have come a long way from being the shellshocked girl that was once walking around this house

"How on Earth could I pull this all off successfully? How am I going to keep my own house clean, learn to cook, finish my Masters, and still nurture what is the most important developing relationship of my present life? What if my father thinks I have replaced him with another man?"  Well, technically I have… "but what he never forgives me and feels hurt?"    Give me a situation and I can find a million reasons to panic...

But like I said, that was one year ago. And this is where I’m at today….. Growing up.  Not the “I don’t need to explain to you why I’m stumbling in at 5am and running to the bathroom puking because I am an adult!” growing up that I thought I did in my early twenties.  Real growing up.  It is difficult.  It is fun.  Sometimes I want to punch it in the face… other times I want to smooch it right on the lips!  Most of the contents of this ongoing experience happen by chance.  And that is what this is all about ~ an Obsessive-Compulsive learning to live her best life, through trial & error (& error & error…) and release some control so that life can just *happen.  I need to become my best self, and it is all starting now.

Watch for tips, recipes, advice, and all the fun things that have helped to take me from A Mess to a Mini Martha