How I Got Here...

Now things are really getting good!! 

 It has been one year since I left the comforting and always accommodating environment of my parents home, and went off with my fiancé to make a life for us.  I have come a long way from being the shellshocked girl that was once walking around this house

"How on Earth could I pull this all off successfully? How am I going to keep my own house clean, learn to cook, finish my Masters, and still nurture what is the most important developing relationship of my present life? What if my father thinks I have replaced him with another man?"  Well, technically I have… "but what he never forgives me and feels hurt?"    Give me a situation and I can find a million reasons to panic...

But like I said, that was one year ago. And this is where I’m at today….. Growing up.  Not the “I don’t need to explain to you why I’m stumbling in at 5am and running to the bathroom puking because I am an adult!” growing up that I thought I did in my early twenties.  Real growing up.  It is difficult.  It is fun.  Sometimes I want to punch it in the face… other times I want to smooch it right on the lips!  Most of the contents of this ongoing experience happen by chance.  And that is what this is all about ~ an Obsessive-Compulsive learning to live her best life, through trial & error (& error & error…) and release some control so that life can just *happen.  I need to become my best self, and it is all starting now.

Watch for tips, recipes, advice, and all the fun things that have helped to take me from A Mess to a Mini Martha

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