Moving out? Buy a can opener!

Let me take you back to my first cooking experience.. After months and months of avoiding the kitchen I attempted to make his favorite dish: Sausage and peppers.  So I head over to mama’s and have a recipe powwow.  She goes step by step with me and I take detailed notes.  Even better she sends me home with the ingredients I need, and a pan (since as a new homeowner, who has not yet had a bridal shower, I have NO household necessities). 

I make my way through the step, and it comes time for the can of crushed tomatoes. Now all I needed was a can opener. Do I really not own a damn can opener???  No.  I begin assaulting the can of tomatoes with a screwdriver, knives, a wine bottle opener (you see where my priorities stand), and I think I even gave it a nice crack with my teapot. This meal was taking a swan dive into Crappville and I needed to work fast if I was going to save it.  I opened the refrigerator and saw a container of bruschetta from Costco. Those are tomatoes…why wouldn’t that work instead?  By this time the damn sausage was like rubber meat, but that’s ok because I had convinced myself it would all be delicious.  I put the watery rice on a plate, my ghetto version of sausage and peppers on top – and had it ready when he walked in from work.  He was a good sport about it all, only asking what I had “done differently…?” In typical me fashion I searched for something to take my anger out on.  I saw the can of tomatoes.  It was that damn can’s fault after all, not being equipped with a pop-top!  How dare!  So I took it, walked out into the backyard and launched it over the fence into the woods. (as a hardcore tomboy disguised as a classy lady, I must admit I have a good arm, and that can.. it went’a launchin’!) I’m very much anti-littering, but this can, with its sealed top, needed to be taught a lesson.  “Are you ok?” he asked me as I closed the sliding glass door.   “Now I’m fine.”

My suggested purchases prior to moving out (the things
 less obvious than flat screens and bluray players):
  •     Can opener
  •     Corkscrew/Bottle opener
  •     Cookware set (nothing fancy, just to start you off – try Kohls!)
  •     Knife Block set
  •     Dinnerware Set (you can get 4 sets for $30!! Here)
  •     Coffeemaker (might I suggest the Keurig as a life saving device)
  •     Flateware set (HomeGoods people HomeGoods!!!
  • Glassware set (and get some wine glasses too, so you can feel classy as you sit on your mattress on the floor)
  •    A couple baking sheets
  •    Aluminum Foil  (learn to love left overs)
  •   Measuring spoons & cups
  •    Vegetable peeler
  •    Filled spice rack (try this one, 16 spices only $40)
  •    Salt & pepper mill
  •    A toaster (after burning all the bread in the oven, trying to broil it into toast, I gave in and there is now less smoke circulating through this house!)
  •     Hangers (these actually hold onto your clothing)
  •     Two sets of sheets
  •     Two sets of towels
  •     Vacuum (don’t be dirty birdies, clean your space)
  •      Flashlight & extra batteries
  •      General cleaning supplies (i.e.Fantastic,Lysol wipes, & paper towels if you want to go real basic)
  •     Scented candles and a lighter (for when you don’t use those cleaning products) try Pier1

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