Cinnamon Sugar Soft Pretzels

Often when snack or dessert time rolls around I'm not in the mood to whip up a cake or an entire batch of cookies... but I want something more satisfying than 1/2 a box of Oreos! 

Cinnamon sugar hot soft pretzels are the perfect quick fix to my dilemma ~ They're super fast and easy to make!

• I start with a box of frozen soft pretzels
• Bake in oven according to directions on the box (usually around 350 for 5 or 6 minutes ... see? so fast!)
• When the pretzels are almost done microwave a couple slices of a stick of salted butter until melted
• Brush the baked pretzels with the melted butter & sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar { to make this already simple step even easier, just buy the little jar of already mixed cinn/sugar }
Enjoy your treats!!

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