Don't Bite The Dust

A bit of advice my mother gave me upon moving out:

There are things you need to clean that you’re probably not noticing….

1: Your baseboards.  A lil Fantastic on a papertowel and wipe those bad boys down.

2: Your blinds.  I have Venetians … all this means is numerous horizontal planes for dust to get comfy on.   This lil gadget is a well spent $5 from HomeDepot:  Mini Blind Duster

And 3:  Look up…. Light fixtures and high hats.  Being a tiny girl, (5’1 if I push my shoulders back) I neglected this tip because I was too lazy to get on a chair and clean them.  Well, during an attempt to host my best girlfriends for dinner one night I received my serving of karma.  Apparently the itsy bitsy spider that was nesting on the chandelier above my kitchen table thought he too was invited to dinner and so calmly swung down from his little web above us.  After the shrieking stopped and the spider-tainted section of the Cesar salad was removed, we looked up and all caught a glimpse of what could have been a spider web condominium complex.        …..I stand on chairs once a week now to clean.

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