Lollicakes (also known as CakePops) are CakeBalls, but on lollipop sticks - which makes them just a tad bit more fun to eat!

This is a scrumptious little candy-coated cupcake treat that is ideal for any party.  And they say that the first bite of something is always the most delicious bite.... which makes this dessert the perfect way to have every bite be the most delicious!

(Read More for short and long recipes versions)

This little treat is actually quite easy to make...Here is a quick summary of the steps 

(See Bakerella for more thorough cakeball instructions... then just add Lollipop stick)

Choose whatever flavor cake tickles your fancy & bake according to the directions on the box
Once cake has cooled crumble up in large bowl
Mix crumbled cake with a container of cream cheese icing (i prefer homemade icing.. for recipe see Here)
Roll into small balls and line on cookie sheet - insert lollipop stick in each
Leave in refrigerator for several hours (or freezer for an hour or two)
Microwave candy melts according to package (choose your favorite color!)
Dip Lollicakes in chocolate and allow to set
Add sprinkles etc. fairly quickly though, as chocolate hardens fast
Use styrofoam to prop pops up or box w small slits in the top

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