Riu, Montego Bay Jamaica

Spur of the moment, my fiance and I booked a trip on ... We landed in Montego Bay, Jamaica 48 hours ago. We're staying at the Riu, and so far loving it! This is the second Riu location we've had the pleasure of trying. 

I've had my first experience with jerk chicken and have found some other dishes that I can't wait to get home and try to recreate!! 
The food is great - the staff is friendly - the beach, heavenly

I'll get into a more thorough review at the end of our vacation ~ but I'm very much hoping the next 4 days drag by :)

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  1. Wish I was in Jamaica!! Instead I'm lying on the couch with my arm in a sling. Have fun guys.

    Congrats Lorna, you won a spot in this months Featured Blog Contest on Blogging Women.

    Enjoy your trip!!