DIY Crepe Paper Roses

In an earlier post (this one) I mentioned that I made streamers using left over crepe paper from a project I had been doing...  More homemade decorations, which were these crepe paper roses.  They're beautiful and add a colorful and elegant touch to parties.

       30" x 3" piece of crepe paper (which ever color you prefer)
       flexible wire
       spool of thread
       cotton balls
       glue & scissors

1. Cut a piece of flexible wire - Add a piece of cotton to one end and glue small piece of crepe paper around it

2. Fold long piece of crepe paper back and forth (accordion/fan style.. however you refer to that motion)
3. Draw a curve around the edge of the paper and cut along the line.. then unfold

4. Wrap the petals around the cotton ball/wire (I pinch the crepe paper tightly around the wire at the base of the flower)
5. Tie thread around the base of the flower and adjust petals (gently fold a few over)

...for an added touch use green crepe paper to cut out leaves and glue to the base of the flower... then to wrap the remaining portion of the wire ~ I was using my flowers to glam up a dessert table so I left that part out, being as the wire was underneath the serving trays.


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