Nonna Post : Burnt Toast

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Might I suggest that everyone taps into their most precious source of useful household & life information: Your Grandparents...    I shall periodically share some bits of wonderment that my Nonna has shared with me over the years.

Here is a simple one ~ but oh so helpful {especially for those of us who are too easily distracted by other things to properly work a toaster...}
    Don't scrape your burnt toast with a knife ~ Rub it against a grater ~ like a cheese grater, and it will take off the burnt surface layer.
Grandparents know everything*....   

Pick yourself up a grator  :)


  1. OMG amazing! haha I have been using a knife for ages. It makes TOTAL SENSE to use a grater! haha

    thanks for this post ,3

  2. That's a fab idea! Thanks for the salsa recipe! :)