As I'm sure you have noticed my posts have been scarce lately... I'm on overload between jobs & school work. But this temporary scenario has actually led to me to this post... There are stretches of time between meals on some days and I don't feel my best when I load up on junky snacks to keep me going.

I found the perfect fix for this ~ I load up my kitchen with fresh fruits and veggies... create some combos... throw them into the blender... and fill up pitchers with fruit & veggie smoothies!  I mix them with some ice and a little bit of milk and sometimes fruit juice just to give it a more sweet taste.
  They're great to keep in the refrigerator ~ refreshing, healthy, and even filling!

Two of my favorite combos so far:  
Strawberry, banana, mango, ginger
 Beets & ginger (and a little apple juice)
...I try to incorporate ginger in any way I can since it is so good for you

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  1. Lorna - That looks perfect for the long summer ahead out here in India. :)