Sunday Inspiration Jamaican State of Mind

I’ve brought something back with me from Jamaica, other than an overwhelming crave for anything jerk style and a glowing tan… I think the locals’ optimistic and sunny outlook on life rubbed off on me after 6 days

We learned a few Patwa/Patois phrases while down there.. among my favorite are Feeling “irie” which is great and feeling the love… and “madea” which is the typical response to someone saying “wa gwan” or whats goin on? and means I am here and it’s all good

If the laid back and happy disposition of the culture hadn’t been apparent in their dialect {and speed at which they move – which I had been informed may be either “slow” or “stopped”} then one of the breakfast chefs from Kingston demonstrated it for me…   Our last morning at the resort, while I filled up my plate with sunny side up eggs, he asked me how I was doing.  I was sad we were leaving and it must have shown as I sighed and said “I’m okay, we’re leaving today though.” He laughed and said “That’s ok! Smile, there are many more vacations to come!  That response immediately brought a smile to my face and even better, after I asked him how he was that morning he said, “The sun is not shining this morning and it is cloudy but that is alright because I am alive and that makes me happy!

So this post is dedicated to my beloved friend from Kingston, Jamaica – who has brightened my outlook into a more sunny-side up one….   And when waking up this morning to 40-something degree weather, itchy mosquito bites, a peeling tan, and loads of laundry had no affect on my smile – I say THANK YOU to him, because I have realized that I am alive and it is all good, ya mon!


  1. I love this post so much! It looks like positivity rubbed of. Loving the pictures too!


  2. Very soothing...I love Jamaica. I just read a blog and for whatever reason I pictured this as the setting for whoever this guy is writing about his best friend or girlfriend, not really sure.

  3. Hi Lorna - Congratulations on being the featured Blogger at Blogging Women. I'm glad you had a great holiday in Jamaica. Definitely on my list of places I want to visit.....:)

  4. Wow, I just came back from Jamaica and I can relate with EVERY work in this post. Irie! I postend my journey here-->