Using Your Leftovers

I've never been one to throw good food away ~ I much prefer to find another purpose for what I have left over after a meal or for bits of cooked/uncooked ingredients... Maybe I picked that up from my Grandparents who lived through the depression ~ or maybe it's just my creative nature which believes everything has so much more than one use!  With millions of recipes out there, left over bits from one meal may be the star ingredients of another!
{What we had left over:  cooked bacon, uncooked chicken cutlet, shredded cheese}
To me this combo just begged to be made into a salad!   I grabbed some fresh baby spinach, crumbled up the bacon, grilled & sliced my chicken cutlet, hard boiled a couple eggs, and threw the cheese over it all ~ a little oil and italian seasonings {Or your salad dressing of choice!} and there's a lovely new little meal!!  Healthy & filling! 

You may have read in this past post my list of suggested items to buy when starting off on your own... Well, it's an ever growing list ~ and the more I cook and experiment the more I realize, I'm still an amateur!!    I don't own an egg slicer.... You would think this is not a serious object to lack ~  but let me tell you how annoying it is to slice hard boiled eggs by hand... Especially when they are hot and slippery! It just takes away from their enjoyment :) 
{Invest in an egg slicer!!}

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  1. That looks delicious! Way to go! I love your blog and I'm proud to be your 29th follower! I hope you'll check out mine and consider following me as well :)
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