Hurricane Sandy Takes to Long Island

Sure is pretty now ~ but those beautiful fall colors will be ripped from their limbs and strewn about the neighborhood in a matter of minutes.   It's getting increasingly dangerous out here on Long Island ~ fortunately I'm far enough from the coast line that I'm not in immediate danger.

I've cooked a pound a bacon, all ready for BLTs and spinach salad (hard boiled eggs too).  Loaded up on fruit, veggies, Ranch dressing, PBJ... and right now (since I still have power) I've microwaved some Cup Noodles and poured myself a glass of Chardonnay.  Classy broad, what can I say?  Hurricane survival has caused all of my healthy eating habits to go straight out the window!

I am currently hosting an impromptu Ladybug Rescue Center, also.  Anything to help!

Making A Come Back????

I do believe that I must revisit this lovely blog that I once called home..... After all, I've been doing many a fun thing lately ~ and it needs to be shared!

Stay Tuned!!!!  It's a three day weekend ~ that calls for some writing!