Introducing Moo Bear

It's absolutely necessary that I introduce you to Moo Bear ... the 3 year old English Bulldog with one heck of an attitude and sense of entitlement.  Technically, her name is Madison or Maddie.... she has chosen to respond to neither of those names.  Instead she prefers:  Moo, Moobear, Mooey, Wiggles, Wiggy, Wrinkles, Stinky McWiggles, Pickles, or Madeline Dandiloon.  It takes another pet owner to understand the strange array of nicknames we wind up giving our animals - none of them make sense nor are they remotely close to the original name.

Moo bear is a peach - except for when she's being a beast.  She's always hungry - the phrase "eat whatever isn't nailed down" does not apply to her... she is perfectly content with parking herself in front of said nailed down object and chewing it in its stationary location.  Taste is also of no importance, as we've learned from the numerous bricks and tree branches she's hauled onto the couch from the back yard.

Here's a little video footage of her demanding a piece of my toast.  I'm almost certain she'll master the sheep noise by the end of the week.  A dog with many talents, she is!

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